How to convince your family that now is the right time to buy a home…

Mortgage interest rates are still at a record low. According to CoreLogic’s Home Price Index, home prices have appreciated by 6% over the last year and will continue to rise. Because interest rates are low and the price of homes are going up, buying right now would be a good idea. Cha ching.

How to avoid Sunday Sadness?


Feel like being charitable, and tasting over 75 different wines? It’s not too late to join the annual wine tasting fundraiser event hosted by the Marconi Foundations for Kids at the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin, CA on October 23rd. Enjoy a fashion expo by Saks Fifth Avenue and complimentary swag bag, not a bad Sunday right?

So you’d rather host wine tasting?


Then check out this Seven Gables listing with a downstairs wine cellar, 12140 Skyline Drive.

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How do you define luxury?

…maybe it isn’t a sprawling floor plan and giant cars. Maybe it’s simply upgrading to a nicer kitchen and more spacious lawn. Or it’s growing a garden and switching to a vegan diet.

The beauty is, that everyone has the liberty to define their own marque of luxury. For some people that means living in … an ex-shopping mall?


Lets rewind, in the 70’s there were 306 malls across the country, by late 90’s there were over 1,000. Since 2006 there has been a decline in sales and foot traffic in some American Malls. Now, nearly 300 former malls in the U.S. have been transformed from giant empty infrastructures to mix-used developments.

The centers include public parks, medical complexes and housing, which could bring an urban feel to suburban living. There is a proposal to turn a struggling mall in Silicon Valley into a mix-use facility with the world’s largest green roof of nearly 4 miles of public trails and paths.


It doesn’t take a magician to create something out of nothing…

In celebration of the U.S. and China recently signing the Paris climate agreement aimed at reducing carbon pollutions, LUX. IT is giving a formal “shout out” to Newport Beach’s Environmental Nature Center. The ENC created a living nature laboratory from soil dumped in the area almost 45 years ago. A google map aerial view will show you a lush green reservoir among dry suburban landscape. Visit ENC for a day hike!


Can a low energy bill be considered luxurious?

Gorgeous interior, private backyard pool and energy conserving solar panels, meet 19091 Fairhaven in North Tustin.




When the gossip was true…

The Farmhouse cafe just quietly sprouted on the grounds of Roger’s Garden in Newport Beach. The well-respected Chef and farm to table pioneer, Rich Mead, said he’s trying to keep it “low key” in gradually welcoming guests to the new restaurant. The secret is out.

Salads and vegetables will be in the forefront of the Farmhouse’s delicious menu and a French country Farmhouse has been the thought process for the interior decor.

Roger’s Gardens is also launching its Holiday Boutique Opening- Wonderland on October 7 at 6 pm. Find festive treasures selected by elite buyers during their world travels. You know you’re ready for holiday decorations.


Did our neighbor just buy a new car?

CoreLogic’s October economic update has predicted an economic growth in 2017. From mid-2015 to mid-2016 the nationwide average gain in home-equity was about $11,000 per homeowner- California, Oregon and Washington leading with nearly $30,000 increase per average owner. Go Us.

This study titled Wealth Matters (A Lot), confirmed that the increase in housing wealth links to about a 2% increase in consumption, spending and renovations.

Home-equity will boost in the coming year, which in turn should add to consumption spending and contribute to economic growth. Go U.S.A.


The house to show your friend who doesn’t like modern architecture

All hail beautiful tall ceilings and unique woodwork. North Tustin- you’ve done it again.

“Overlook the naturally unspoiled beauty of Peters Canyon Park, the property is a wonderful reflection of its owners exceptional taste and commitment to preserving the integrity of its original architecture.” peep it here 10202 Overhill Drive




A kitchen growing herbs, drone landing pads and automatic voice commands: meet the house of 2050


What’s that in the sky, a bird or a plane?

Nothing shoots you into 2016 more than an Advanced Quadcopter Drone floating above your property on a Saturday morning. Drones have become increasingly popular in presenting real estate, reasonably so. Unlike conventional photography, drones can help home hunters see the property’s beautiful surroundings. 90% of real estate buyers use the Internet to look for their next home, making eye-popping videos and photos all the more important. Just last month the Federal Aviation Administration finalized the first operation rules for routine commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems. Basically, the drone must weight 55 pounds or less, can’t fly higher than 400 feet, and can’t fly within 5 miles of an airport or go faster than 100 mph. 

“We are part of a new era in aviation, and the potential for unmanned aircraft will make it safer and easier to do certain jobs, gather information, and deploy disaster relief,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. 

In 20 minutes, a drone can survey 1,000 square feet, revealing topographical characteristics a buyer might really love- like biking trails or tall shading trees. The technology available to show an entire home and it’s surroundings in a 5 minute video is transforming the home buying experience. Other businesses are starting to use drones, like roof inspectors who want to get a better view of hard-to-access buildings. And Farmers who can keep track of widespread operations more effectively with aerial support. Drone videos can be used to create an inventory for insurance purposes as well as for assisting in presenting a home. Regardless, Drone footage is truly breathtaking. To see sparkling coastal waters or the dense green of Orange County’s inland makes the home buying experience that much more riveting. 


Hurry, hide the pink yard flamingos!

With an increase in aerial drone footage, more of a property’s landscape is featured in videos and photos. The topic of curb appeal has found popularity in real estate news lately, probably since REALTOR® released a report highlighting its importance. In regards to an overall landscape upgrade, the report stated that 75% of people surveyed have a greater desire to be home since completing [a landscape] project, 65% have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home and 79% feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think of the project. A lot of people are talking about curb appeal  for some reason, here’s just a friendly reminder that the outside of a home can seriously impact the owners experience. 


Talk about exterior…

This $1,380,000 Seven Gables listing is awe-inspiring. Check it out



Who needs sprinklers? Rooftops are the new backyards.

It’s 2020 and you’re sitting in Orange County traffic next to Mercedes, BMW’s and…robots?


Whether or not Americans have always had a love affair with cars is up for debate, but the fact that automobiles have driven real estate development is an undisputed truth. A hundred years ago or so everyone left their horses at home and started driving cars. This caused development to steer away (pun intended) from villages and to a more spread out city plan with painful commutes and gated communities. Hello to expansive highways, urban sprawl and suburbanization.

It’s 2016 and (probably) everyone you know has enjoyed the gleeful high of an Uber or Lyft ride on a Saturday night. There is a diverse group of corporations investing in self driving cars and it is estimated that 10 million driver-less cars will be on the road by 2020. We really hope so.

Robot driving cars will allow commuters to work, sleep or relax during an otherwise, stressful commute. Self-driving cars would dramatically blur the lines between cities and suburbs and reduce the demands for parking spaces. Even the demand for garages may dissipate. The old idea of living in a village could resurface and homebuyers location preferences would dramatically change. Driver-less cars could provide unmatched luxury, lets just hope they work.

When you’re not sure if it’s time to wear your fall clothes…

The weather is still hot and interest rates remain the same. Basically, the Fed have been saying they want to raise rates for a couple of years now, but have only done so once. The fed left rates as is and said they expect to increase them at one of the two remaining meetings this year. Their decisions on rates are always dependent on the most current data on the economy. Janet Yellen explains, “we all [in the committee] agree the economy is making progress that we are close to an unemployment rate, one that is sustainable in the long run. We all agree that we are undershooting our inflation goal and that we want to make sure we stay on course”. We’ll take your word for it.


If you weren’t able to make it to the south of France this summer…

We’ve got you covered. Think the Provence region of Southern France with European inspired design and a sparkling blue pool. 14 Shore Walk Newport Coast is secluded behind impressive wrought iron gates with picturesque white water views of Catalina Island and beyond. Bon Voyage.


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Fall is here. The season of miracles is around the corner and we all know who’s best at giving…

Make-A-Wish®, a movement that is near and dear to Seven Gables Real Estate. For 35 years Make A Wish has been granting wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. On average, Make-A-Wish grants a wish every 35 minutes. In celebrating their Anniversary, we are honoring the first Make-A-Wish kid, Chris, and his dream to be a Police Officer. We are confident this video is worth your 10 minutes. Watch the story here.

WARNING: have tissues handy…


Does Real Estate have a thing for the throwing toy from down under?

The term ‘Boomerang’ has been tossed around in the Real Estate Industry lately, and no, we are not talking about the Australian toy. A growing number of millennial’s have graduated college and are returning to live with their parents. Blame it on crippling amounts of student debt  and an increase in rent prices, Millennials are Boomerang-ing back home. Many are also marrying later and having smaller families. Off to Never-Land?

The Boomerang Buyer represents the homeowners who experienced foreclosure in the 2010 housing market crash, 10 million foreclosures to be exact. Some articles say boomerang buyers are back big time, others say it’s been a slow return. Confusing right? Regardless, the statistics say less than half of the boomerang buyers have returned even 16 years  after foreclosure.

What’s Green, White and Beige with an Ocean View?

1409 Emerald Bay. Set high on beautiful Laguna Beach cliffs this 5 bedroom 51/2 bathroom stunner epitomizes beach luxury. Activate your senses with beautiful scenery, ocean breeze, salty air and the comfort of a big couch. Trust us, its ‘luxxed out’. Peep it here.


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What to say to that friend who drools over luxury homes…

Head to Corona Del Mar. Seven Gables recently listed 2525 4B Ocean Blvd in Corona Del Mar, the gorgeous, custom made, yacht inspired pad with bay and ocean views. Imagine floating ceiling faucet bath tub, a spacious shower room with bay view and hollywood style master bed.  This glorious estate is even featured in Luxury Portfolio, take a look yourself.


How to convince your teenagers that family time can be fun…

SUP. That stands for Stand Up Paddle. Take a couple hours out of your Saturday for the fast-growing sport of SUP, to float around crystal waters on a giant board. With only minimum amount of equipment, you can explore coastal waters, like Newport Harbor.

Want more adventure? You can find Ocean kayaking at almost any major Southern California Beach. Need quick answers? Visit,  La Vida Laguna for details on kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, etc. Decompress and be a part of their “digital detox”.


What to say to your client who is tired of living on their parent’s couch…

Hope you saved up. Orange County rents skyrocket to highest rates in almost a decade and are expected to continue to rise till 2018. So who’s winning? Property managers- they’re reeling in the dough. Makes sense. Orange County is trendy, equipped with pristine beaches and perfect weather. Renters, meet supply and demand.

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