Environmental Architecture?

Many homes and buildings have a unique character, but are they really alive? We can affirm that the walls are.  Walk down Forest Ave in Laguna Beach and notice succulents draping off of an art gallery’s exterior walls. This is just one example of the multitude of ‘Living Walls’ that have sprouted throughout Orange County. The architectural art form is both environmentally friendly and tasteful. It is said that Living Walls can clean outside air of pollutants, dust and offset the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions. Living Walls can create more biodiversity and also increase real estate value. Cha Ching $$.

721 Hotel in Laguna Beach, Tropical Shade Mix
Corporate Lobby of Irvine Company Commercial Office Building, CA, Fern Tropical Foliage Mix

Seasons Natural Engineering in Orange County has an impressive resume of large living wall projects throughout the city. Check them out here!

Moving and storage have met the 21st Century…

Need to call an Uber to store your antique collectibles? No need to, ClosetBox provides full-service, concierge storage with a free pickup at your door and on-demand return delivery for the cost of a traditional self-storage unit. Say goodbye to stuffing storage into the attic. ClosetBox service has become wildly popular in urban areas and high-populated cities to store belongings in a stress-free way, by taking the ‘self’ out of self-storage. Serving 65 cities across the nation, people have said ClosetBox has brought moving and storage into the 21st century.

Where the items are stored is another public concern. Communities have been arguing that storage containers are aesthetic eyesores. “Towns are even asking that self-storage buildings include fake windows and doors on the exteriors, so buildings blend in with their urban or suburban surroundings.” Communities also complain that storage facilities don’t generate enough sales tax revenue and that self-storage facilities don’t employ as many people as other commercial uses would…first world problems.

Just down the street from Seven Gables new CDM office…

506 Poinsettia Avenue, Corona Del Mar

Welcome to beach living! This Charming duplex is ideally located on a highly desirable street within walking distance to the heart of Corona Del Mar. Check it out- 506 Poinsettia Avenue, Corona Del Mar.

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