Yes, we could technically shop for properties on the couch with a cup of coffee…

In the industry of Real Estate, which is largely ruled by veterans, technology is commonly met with suspicion and uncertainty. But nonetheless, technology has taken over and completely changed the way we research and buy homes. As a customer, technology has enabled transparency about the pricing of homes, there is speed in the deal making process and massive amounts of data is organized in a mobile device.

Getting your brand and property visibility has never been easier and more cost effective. Previously, the majority of research was focused on what happened in the past, now we are using real time data to observe pricing and availability.

Seven Gables agent, Peggy DeSantis’ free app that delivers information about Open House’s in the North Tustin area

“If consumers use the internet properly, they don’t even have to get out of their pajamas,” says Pinto, who has been in the real estate industry for more than 40 years. “They can look at a satellite view of properties, write an offer and get it to the seller’s real estate agent in 90 minutes. In the old days, that process would take a few weeks.”

Rick Sharga, vice president of states, “For the past 200 years, real estate professionals have basically controlled 90% of the transaction. The Internet has flipped the model upside down and put the customer in charge.” Michael Beckerman states that one will actually buy a home on purely an algorithm, it’s too big of a decision and there are too many variables at play.

Hey you…put…the phone…down…

Hide electronics in a hollowed-out book

With Technology, a business can perform from virtually anywhere and this means more of us are able to work remotely; work is increasingly following us home. It is becoming more important to create a separation between home and office. In organizing a home space that adheres to Feng Shui, it is important to put computers and televisions within doors or cabinets. This enhances the conversation, relaxation, and serenity in the home. This also assures that YOU, not the equipment are the master of the house. Here are some tips on hiding electronics at home.

Good morning…

Intelligently designed by Chris Abel, Laguna Beach legacy architect, 1535 Morningside is a contemporary achievement with soaring ocean and canyon views.

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