Santa got a Craftsman upgrade…

A long-long time ago, before Santa could order gifts through Amazon, he squeezed his way down chimneys of Victorian houses. Yes, those late 19th century estates with frills and sash windows. In response to the excessive, over-the-top ornamentation of the Victorian era, American Craftsman architecture was born. Think a low-pitched roof, wide eaves, exposed roof rafters, wood shingles, stone chimneys, porches and column bases.

Rustic interior design inspired by American Craftsman architecture

Here are some of the simple values of the Arts and Crafts movement:

  • Find joy in work
  • Create well-designed, affordable objects
  • Live simply
  • Stay connected to nature
  • Maintain integrity

Craftsman bungalows are now very popular with preservationists and young homeowners wanting to restore a beautiful historic house back to its original splendor.

Modern touches on American Craftsman interior design

When the elves talk money…

The elves are strapping on their dancing shoes. According to CoreLogic, the economy will grow between 2 and 2 ¼ percent next year. With that backdrop here are some features to look for in next year’s housing market. Let’s dance. Mortgage rates will increase- the Federal Reserve will hike its federal funds target by one-quarter of a percentage point this month which will increase the cost of loans tied to short-term rates. There will be fewer homes available in the rental market and it is expected that for-sale inventories will remain lean in many markets as well. Phew, fruit punch break. This will equate to home-price appreciation in most markets. Expect a drop in refinance origination in 2017 and new loans with relatively low credit risks. But first, let’s take an Elfie.

Hey Drummer boy, drum roll please…


Coming soon to Seven Gables, 21832 Rushford is an authentic American Craftsman with exposed beams, brick-chimney, interior wood built-ins and surrounding nature. Ho ho ho.

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