I’ll try to keep this minimal…

Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of lives excess in favor of focusing on what’s important- so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. Apparently, some people are all about it. I guess it’s to escape the excesses of the world around us, like consumerism, material possessions, clutter or having too much to do “Be bold with the truth of simplicity and owning less.”

Here are 25 reasons you might be a minimalist...click it it’s fun.

What’s to come… of OC… in 2017?  

S|O to these soon-to-be Orange County developments:

Newport Beach
The crowd was evenly divided between supporters and opponents at the City Council meeting, where they confirmed the project slated to replace the Orange County Museum of Art with a 25-story, 100-unit luxury housing condominium project. Phew, that’s a lot of luxury.

The project will be one of the tallest buildings in Orange County, but is said it will not obstruct any ocean views. Some people think it will take residents “away from our roots” and change “who we are as a community”. The development is expected to generate over $21 million for the city through several fees paid by developers.

On the other side of town, a 388 acre business park was approved by Tustin City Council that will bring 870,000 square feet of creative office space to an area that currently has, almost, none.

The eight-building complex, called FLIGHT, will be accessible with an urban feel and agriculture-inspired landscape. It has not been confirmed which companies will join, but its possible we could have a new SoCal Silicon Valley…tweet me?

Creative masterpiece, in the suburbs…


Welcome to 12140 Skyline. One-of-a-kind North Tustin estate with soaring ceilings and intricate details. Got Views?